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3D Design Modular Assignment

My second project in my 3D Design class was a modular assignment. I was supposed to design and create one module which was to be used in constructing a larger sculpture. Once I found a design that I felt was successful I was to create at least twenty more modules and then, using only those modules, form one overall sculpture. Our final sculpture was going to be looked at in many different lighting situations so I was to specifically consider “value, positive/negative shapes and forms, light and shadow, delineated space, artificial and natural lighting, repetition, rhythm, and balance.”

I started by doing several different sketches, and this image is just one of my first pages of thumbnails.

I decided on a design that I liked, and then built one module to see how the 3D object interacted when placed in different lighting situations. After finalizing my module I then continued making twenty more modules which were exact duplicates of one another.


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