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Computers & Art Pictogram Assignment

My first project in ART 2400 was to create “three original, interrelated, icons that communicate associated actions, processes, concepts, or objects.” Each of my pictographs had to be done in color as well as in black & white. I had absolutely no idea where to begin with this assignment. I didn’t have any ideas, and had a hard time coming up with possible themes. I finally decided to try and do some sketches surrounding the themes of both music and sports.

After brainstorming several ideas I decided to settle on a central theme of music, but I still wasn’t sure exactly what genre of music, or what specific instruments I wanted to focus on.

After doing several more sketches I decided to focus on the classical and orchestral genre of music, mainly focusing on three different instruments: cello, piano, and timpani.

This was my first experience ever using Adobe Illustrator, so it took me a really long time to piece these three icons together. After making several more changes I finally put together my finished design.

Final design.

Done in Adobe Illustrator.


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