Magazine Layout

For my Computers and Art class final project, we were instructed to create a magazine layout. We needed to choose an article and then design a magazine for that article which must include at least 6 pages. We could choose whether to have 3 spreads or to have two spreads along with a cover page and a table of contents page. I chose to do three spreads since my article was fairly long. I begin by trying to think of a layout by doing some sketches, but I soon realized that I would be more successful if I were to brainstorm my layouts on the computer rather than by hand in my sketch book.

Magazine Roughs

At first I just placed my entire article in my document. It was very busy and cluttered and wasn’t pleasing to the eye at all. Well, I slowly worked each day moving things around, taking pictures and adding them to my document, taking out columns, and designing pictures and infographs in Adobe Illustrator. I spent several weeks working on this project before I came to a finished project that I was happy with. I feel like I could improve even more on my design, but overall I think it worked out well and is pleasing to the eye as well as clear and easy to read.

Magazine Layout Final